Pneumatic Conveying of Activated Carbon

Fox Venturi Eductors are used for pneumatic conveying of activated carbon in dilute phase systems. Is a maintenance-free pneumatic conveying solution of interest at your plant?

Fox venturi eductors are installed in hundreds of activated carbon injection (ACI) systems for critical mercury control (Hg-control) in coal-burning power plants, waste-to-energy plants, cement kilns, and hospital and municipal incinerators. Unlike rotary valves, Fox venturi eductors have no moving parts and have already delivered 25+ years of reliable pneumatic conveying of powdered activated carbon (PAC) in numerous power, cement, and waste-to-energy plants. Like almost all Fox eductor systems, they use air at 3 – 12 PSIG—and with certain careful engineering, have been used on systems up to 1,000 feet long. Special features for improved service life include ceramic-lined, or tool-steel-lined internals, and replaceable Hastelloy® components for use with brominated PAC.

Two Published Articles of Interest

Ten Years of Conveying Service –
with No Maintenance ( 1997)

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