Fox Venturi Flow Controls

Fox Venturi Flow Control Products

Fox Valve has been a leading supplier of high performance venturi flow controls since 1961.

Fox Venturi flow control products fall into these four major categories.

  • ΔP Venturi Flowmeters: Fox provides custom-built ΔP venturi flowmeters for measuring liquids and gasses in high performance systems, in line sizes below 6″.

  • Cavitating Venturis: Fox Cavitating Venturies have been used since 1961 to maintain fixed, accurate, repeatable liquid flow rates, unaffected by downstream pressure.

  • Sonic Chokes/Critical Flow Nozzles: Fox Sonic Chokes are used in dozens of control systems to maintain fixed, accurate, repeatable gas flow rates unaffected by downstream pressure.

  • Adjustable Area Venturi Valves: Fox Adjustable Area Venturi Valves enable flow rates to be accurately adjusted or regulated, while remaining unaffected by downstream pressure fluctuations.