Fox Liquid Eductors

Fox Liquid Eductors (also called Jet Pumps, Ejectors, Venturi Mixers) for Pumping, Mixing and Blending


What are Fox Liquid Eductors?

Fox Liquid Eductors: are venturi jet pumps that use liquid to create vacuum to mix, blend, or dilute other liquids, dry solids, or gasses into a liquid stream. They are used to replace or eliminate pumps when simple, ultra-reliable liquid mixing is required.

Key Features Are:

  • No Moving Parts: Fox eductor jet pumps or venturi mixers are very reliable, with no moving parts: no seals, shafts, or bearing requiring maintenance.
  • Low Cost Pumping Solution: especially as an alternative to pumps corrosive, gritty, or explosive fluids
  • Easy Installation: Eductors are as easy to install as a common “tee” (often called a ‘mixing tee’) and are available with every available end connection, including NPT and BSP threads, flanges, Tri-clamps, tube stub ends

Liquids that can be used to drive a Fox venturi jet pump:

  • Water, Seawater or DI Water
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Gasoline, jet fuel, biodiesel
  • Refrigerants such as R134a
  • Orange juice, milk, beverages

Liquid Eductors

Liquid eductors use motive water or other liquids to pump, dilute, mix, or blend other liquids – Pumping and Mixing Liquids.

Pumping Gasses or Vapors with Liquid Eductors

Fox Liquid eductors can create vacuum that can be used to pump, vent, or exhaust gasses, such as the headspace of tanks and vessels with hydrocarbons. Special venturi designs are particularly effective for ozonation and oxygenation of wastewater – Venting/Exhausting Gasses with Liquid Eductors.

Fox Solids Mixing, Slurry Eductors for Blending Liquids & Solids

These eductors are used to mix or blend solids into solutions or slurries – Slurry Eductors

Fox Mini-Eductors for liquid flow rates below 3 GPM

Fox Mini-eductors are 1/4” eductors used for small liquid blending, such as acid dilution, and vacuum applications. They are often used to scavenge fuel or hydraulic oil leaks and sumps in vehicles and engines. They are in stock at Fox in 316 ss, TFE, CPVC, Monel, and Hastelloy – Mini-Eductors