Water Treatment Applications

Fox liquid/liquid venturi eductors have been installed at water treatment and processing facilities since the 1970’s, including industrial and municipal WTP’s. The applications of Fox venturies in this area include: treatment of drinking water; treatment of solutions at cooling towers and boilers; effluent and sludge treatment; and industrial process discharge. Venturi eductors are used to eliminate chemical injection pumps to inject a huge range of additives into the required liquid stream. This is especially attractive when corrosive additives are used.

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Fuel Applications

Fox liquid/liquid eductors – with no moving parts. – have been used as a simple, safe and reliable way to pump, mix and blend explosive fuels and hydrocarbons. Using venturi eductors ( jet pumps) instead of pumps eliminates the expensive need for for X-proof motors, as well as eliminating seals, rotating shafts and spare parts.

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Coolant Applications

Industrial and vehicle coolants are always a blended mixture of water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerin, and various additives. Manufacture of these blended solutions can be accomplished on a continuous basis using liquid/liquid eductors, see schematic below. Please note that a Fox liquid eductors can have multiple suction ports for the simultaneous injection of multiple components or additives.

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Refrigerant Applications

Fox currently supplies thousands of brass and stainless mini-eductors, every year, for inclusion in chillers. and HVAC systems for industrial or large building. These OEM’s are some of the largest global manufacturers in this industry. Fox eductors in refrigerant applications have typically been customized or optimized around each specific application, usually via a development process that included a few quickly supplied proof-of-concept prototypes or R & D mini-eductors that enabled easy adjustment of key flow rates during preliminary testing.

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Hydraulic Oil Applications

Manufacturers of both lubricants and hydraulic oils add many different additives, all of which can be blended using venturi eductors.

Fox liquid eductors are also installed onboard many vehicles, including locomotives and military vehicles, to capture and return hydraulic oil leaks that spill into sumps or reservoirs.

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Vineyard and Brewery Applications

Fox liquid/liquid eductors are in use at wine makers, breweries and distilleries, often requiring the use of food-grade, clean-in-place eductors. However, standard PVC. and industrial-grade 316 ss eductors are also available.

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Coffee, Tea, and Beverage Applications

Fox liquid/liquid eductors are in use by many manufacturers and service providers to provide instant blending of tea and coffee concentrates. Fox venturi injector syphons can be used when additive injection flow is less than 2% of the main water flow. These designs can include multiple suction ports for the simultaneous addition of multiple ingredients, each additive flow rate controlled separately by valves.

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Semiconductor & High Purity Applications

Fox liquid eductors have been installed at semiconductor plants globally for more than 30 years. Different applications have demanded different materials of construction, ranging from PVC to CPVC to TFE lined. Fox can supply eductors in any machinable material. PVC and CPVC eductors are installed at many plants, using plant water at 20 – 60 psig to suck up dilute CuSO4 and H2SO4 solutions from sumps and trenches.

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Naval and Marine Applications

Fox venturi eductors are now in the hulls of many sea-going vessels, included in critical systems to meet existing global regulations related to Ballast Water. Adopted in 2004, the BWM Convention requires ships to control the transfer of potentially invasive species in their ballast water with an effective biocide.

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Dam and Lake Applications

Fox has supplied numerous liquid eductors for moving large water flow rates. Because eductors over 6” line size are custom-fabricated, specific flanged end connections can be specified, and special features can be included to meet specific requirements.

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