Venting/Exhausting Gases

Fox Liquid Jet Ejectors or Eductors for Venting, Evacuating, and Exhausting Gasses and Vapors

Liquid Jet Exhausters

These venturi eductors use Motive liquids at 20 – 100 psig to evacuate gases or vapors or create shut-off vacuum of 25” Hg Vac (approx. 2 psia) at the no-flow condition. Smaller liquid jet exhausters are kept in stock for shipment in less than one week in carbon steel and 304 ss up to 3” line size.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Venting and exhausting acid, caustic, and corrosive vapors
  • Venting dusty/explosive vapors
  • Trapping/wetting airborne food powders or explosive dusts
  • Oxygen and Ozone injection