Use at Water Treatment Plants

Fox Slurry Eductors for Mixing and Conveying Powders and Filter Media at Water Treatment Plants (WTP)

Fox Slurry Eductors, or liquid and solids mixing jet pumps, are widely used to blend and transport powders, resin, flocculant (floc), filter bed media, and granulated activated carbon (GAC) at water treatment plants. Fox water driven solids conveying eductors are used to add or remove new or spent filter media bed materials like anthracite, sand, and ion exchange resins. These filter materials can be fed into slurry eductor hoppers from bags, dosed by screw feeders or augers, and fed from bulk bags or silos.

In one common application, a Fox slurry eductor is integrated with a bulk bag unloader and a screw feeder to provide a fully automated activated carbon feed system. The carbon is typically used to adsorb organics to remove contaminants and unpleasant tastes and/or odors.
The system shown in the photo at right is currently installed at municipal water treatment plant.

Fox slurry eductors for conveying GAC, resin and wet or dry filter media, are available in line sizes from 1-1/2’ through 8”, in carbon steel and stainless, with NPT, Camlock or flanged ends.