Pneumatic Conveying of Silica

Fox Venturi Eductors are used for pneumatic conveying of silica in dilute phase systems. Is a maintenance-free pneumatic conveying solution of interest at your plant?

Mines and mineral processors across the USA, Australia, and globally are using Fox venturi eductors to pneumatically convey ore, rock, sand, minerals, and abrasive dust. Mining companies use Fox eductors to air-convey gold and silver ores, feldspar, perlite, bauxite, limestone, quartz, talc, copper, iron oxide, and dozens of other materials. Extremely abrasive solids like zircon sand, mica flakes, or quartz are very problematic with rotary airlocks, since leakage, blowback, and intermittent failures are inevitable, but not with venturi eductors. Fox venturi dilute phase conveying systems do not produce blowback or release fugitive dust. Moreover, there are no bearings, shafts or seals to fail—Fox eductors deliver conveying with no moving parts.

Since they are machined from bar, Fox venturi eductors are extremely durable, robust, heavy-duty, rugged equipment well-suited for mines and mineral processors. Unlike rotary valves, high-temperature minerals and metal powders, can be easily conveyed with venturi eductors which are commonly installed under kilns, reactors, calciners, cyclones and dust collectors. Fox eductors provide a very cost-effective solution for pneumatic conveying of extremely light but very abrasive solids like vermiculite and expanded perlite.

Fox ceramic-lined or tool-steel-lined eductors are installed when long service life is required. These are kept in stock in one- to six-inch line sizes (25 mm – 200 mm) and can ship in a week or less for emergency replacement of failed rotary valves. Fox eductors are available for conveying in large lines, up to 24 inches (600 mm).

Many hundred of Fox venturis are installed conveying very abrasive bulk-solids such as garnet dust, fracking sand, ground glass, silica, mica and quartz dust, feldspar, CKD, blast media, and alumina.

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