Pneumatic Conveying of Salt

Fox Venturi Eductors are used for pneumatic conveying of salt in dilute phase systems. Is a maintenance-free pneumatic conveying solution of interest at your plant?

Fox venturi eductors are widely used to pneumatically convey food products, often with fully sanitary eductors designed for CIP (clean-in-place/hygienic) applications. These are used to air convey foods such as cereals, coffee, nuts, sugar, starch, and spices, conveying from bulk bags, feeders, dust collectors, and bag dump stations. Fox venturi eductors are particularly useful (and widely installed) for conveying fragile materials such as coffee beans, peanuts, candy, extruded cereals, seeds, and IQF fruit like berries and apple bits. Hundreds are installed under spray dryers, conveying milk and coffee powders eliminating rotary valves.

In many applications, Fox supplies the integrated blower and eductor solution so that conveying velocity can be carefully controlled to reduce degradation with fragile products. These systems can include diverter valves, for directing materials to multiple destinations, level detectors with blower controls, clamps and piping, etc. Fox can supply HEPA filters and coolers when needed for conveying temperature-sensitive powders.

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