Pneumatic Conveying of Kaolin

Fox Venturi Eductors are used for pneumatic conveying of kaolin in dilute phase systems. Is a maintenance-free pneumatic conveying solution of interest at your plant?

Fox venturi eductors are installed in hundreds of plants handling many types of sand and clay. These very fine, abrasive powders can cause blowback and failures with rotary valves, but can be conveyed with air using venturi eductors with no dust, no blowback, and no maintenance. Fox eductors have been conveying kaolin and bentonite clays since the 1980s.

Fox eductors are used to convey sand in many applications, especially fracking sand used as a proppant at drilling sites, as well as in glass manufacturing plants. Silica sand, quartz sand, and foundry sand can be conveyed at temperatures up to 1,600° F. Conveying abrasive sand that contains magnetite, chlorite, zircon or basalt is also ideal for ceramic-lined eductors.


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