Pet Food Applications: Pneumatic Conveying with No Moving Parts

Fox Venturi Eductors in Pet Food Plants

  • Pneumatic Conveying
    • No Product Damage
    • No Blowack
    • No Maintenance
  • Packing Room Reclaim
  • Convey Additives, Vitamins, and Minors with No Moving Parts
  • Fully Sanitary or Carbon Steel – 2″ to 8″ line sizes
Pet Food Reclamation in Packaging
Reject packages can be quickly and easily emptied into small Fox eductors and their contents conveyed, with no moving parts and hence no degradation, back to process—or to disposal.
Fox Bag Dump Hopper
A typical Fox Bag Dump Hopper for installation in a pet food packaging room

Fox Venturi Eductors have been in use at some of the largest pet food plants in the world, conveying kibble, kitty litter, and various pet food products with no moving parts, no dust, and no maintenance. One of the most common applications is use in packing rooms, where a Fox blower and eductor system is installed right in the packing area. Product from damaged bags is dumped in a hopper, and using air at 2 – 3 psig from a small blower, product is conveyed back to the packing tower with minimal or no degradation.

Widely used for 40 years in human food plants, Fox eductors, either fully sanitary or industrial grade, can be used to convey ingredients from screw feeders, bulk bags, or bag dump stations. Unlike rotary airlocks, there are no seals, shafts, or rotors—no dust and no maintenance.

None of the packing room convey systems that Fox has supplied to the pet food industry has ever needed repair or replacement.

Please watch the 45 second video below to see our eductors conveying pet food from both a screw feeder and a bag dump hopper!

Fox Eductor conveying pet food from a screw feeder and a bag dump hopper