Blowers For Fox Venturi Conveying Systems

Fox supplies four different types of Blowers for Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying with Fox Venturi Eductors… since 1963.

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Regenerative Blower
  •  No Maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Quick Shipment


Positive Displacement Blower
  • Industry Workhorse for 50 yrs
  • Rugged Reliability
  • Efficient

Rotary Screw

Rotary Screw Blower
  • Highly Efficient
  • Reliable
  •  Quiet (with enclosure)


Centrifugal Blower
  • Economical
  • Broad flow range/hi turndown
  • No Maintenance

Pneumatic Conveying with No Moving Parts:
Let Fox select the best blower for your application.

Fox supplies hundreds of blowers each year as part of Fox eductor systems, ranging from small regenerative blowers to 200 HP blower packages.

Getting It Right

Only Fox Valve has over 50 years of experience in integrating blowers with venturi eductors in thousands of successful industrial processes. No other company comes close to our experience and expertise in integrating blowers and eductors for specific conveying applications.

Getting It Fast

Standard Fox Regenerative blowers can usually ship in 2 – 4 days. Since standard Fox eductors in 1” – 6” sizes are stocked in carbon steel, stainless, and ceramic-lined versions, we can ship a conveying system in less than one week. Standard pd blower packages ship in 2 – 6 weeks.

Getting What You Want

Fox Valve is pleased to offer the brand of blower you prefer. We supply blowers by Tuthill, Gardner Denver, Roots, Rotron, Airtech, Aerzen, Pedro Gil and many others. We can also equip your package with any motor you prefer, such as Baldor, Marathon, Siemens, TECO-Westinghouse, Toshiba, US Motors/Nidec, WEG, etc

Controlling Conveying Velocity

Selecting the right conveying velocity is a major technical consideration in making a conveying system work reliably. This is particularly critical when conveying fragile products, like breakfast cereal or pet food, and abrasives, like silica, cement, or glass-filled pellets. An engineered eductor/blower combination from Fox assures proper selection and operation.

Technical Support

When you procure the blower to drive your pneumatic transport system from Fox, you are assured of complete, prompt technical support from our staff of pneumatic conveying experts.

Driving Eductors with Regenerative Blowers

  • Convey rates to 12,000 lbs/hr

  • Conveying distances up to 250+ ft

  • Typical pressure outputs of 1 – 10 psig

  • Fast Delivery: Standard blowers from 1 – 40 HP, are usually available for shipment in 1 week.
  • No Maintenance: Regenerative blowers have a direct-drive between the motor and impeller, with “sealed-for-life” bearings and no “oil bath.” They require no additional lubrication. (Of course, the inlet filter requires periodic inspection.)
  • Quiet: Regenerative blowers do not need to be hidden away in compressor rooms or on rooftops. When properly installed, they meet OSHA requirements. Inexpensive optional silencers can further reduce relatively low noise levels.
  • Compact: Because they are closer in size to basketballs than Buicks, regenerative blowers, unlike pd blower packages, can fit snugly beneath equipment like screeners, extruders, and bulk bag unloaders. They can also be installed on partable carts.
  • Motors: Standard blowers can accommodate a broad range of US and international voltages at 50 or 60 Hz and are all suited to VFD operation. Blowers are readily available to meet requirements such as explosion proof (XP), Mill & Chemical Duty, Premium Efficiency, and Washdown.
  • Modest Capital Costs: Regenerative blowers are usually significantly less expensive than positive-displacement blowers.

Driving Eductors with P-D (Positive-Displacement) Blowers

  • Typical convey rates up to 20,000+ lbs/hr

  • Typical conveying distances up to 500+ ft

  • Typical pressure outputs of 4 – 15 psig

Positive Displacement Blower

  • Versatile: Standard positive-displacement (PD, lobe-type) blower packages include the usual appropriate accessories. In addition, Fox can supply customized packages that include everything from special motors to acoustic enclosures, starters, VFD’s, instrumentation, etc.
  • Delivery: Standard delivery for most packages is 4 – 6 weeks; however rush deliveries can occasionally be made in about 2 weeks.
  • Reliable: When properly maintained, pd blowers are very reliable.

Driving Eductors with Rotary Screw Blowers

  • Typical convey rates up to 20,000+ lbs/hr

  • Typical conveying distances up to 500+ ft

  • Typical pressure outputs of 7 – 15+ psig

Rotary Screw Blower

  • Highly Efficient: Rotary screw type blowers are among the most energy-efficient blowers available. This translates into saving significant sums of money per year, and it lowers your operations’ “carbon footprint.”
  • Quiet: These blower packages typically come pre-installed inside factory-designed and built acoustic enclosures. Very quiet operation is the result.
  • Versatile: Standard options include VFD operation and advanced diagnostics and controls.
  • Delivery: Standard delivery for most packages is 6+ weeks; however, rush deliveries can occasionally be possible.
  • Reliable: When properly maintained, rotary blowers are very reliable.

Driving Eductors with Centrifugal Blowers

  • Typical convey line sizes: 6” and larger

  • Typical pressure outputs: 1 – 3 psi

Centrifugal Blower

  • Economical and Efficient: Centrifugal blowers are a good solution for larger (6” to 12” diameter) systems, especially in cases where convey rates requirements are lower, and distances are limited.
  • Versatile: Centrifugal blowers are especially well suited to applications where air needs to be supplied to varying numbers of eductors simultaneously.
  • Delivery: Standard delivery for most packages is 3 to 5 weeks; however, rush deliveries can occasionally be made in about 2 weeks.
  • Reliable: Centrifugal blowers require virtually no maintenance and are very reliable.

Engineered Eductor Solutions

Fox provides eductors and blowers with all other required equipment items needed to complete a system installation, including:

  • Blower-Eductor Connecting Kits
  • Hoppers and transitions
  • Motor Starters and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)—for precise air flow rate/conveying velocity control
  • Acoustic Enclosures: all blowers can be very quiet when installed inside a sound enclosure
  • Inline Air Filters—especially in food industry applications
  • Air Coolers (liquid-cooled and air-cooled)
  • Valves (Line Diverters, Gates, etc.)
  • Instrumentation
  • Control Panels
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Cart-Mounted sub-systems

Common Problems with blowers salvaged from the “bone yard”

Although it might seem economically attractive to reuse an old blower that’s been sitting idle, it is very common to encounter problems such as:

  1. Blower is fundamentally unsuited to the application, due to insufficient pressure and/or flow rate.
  2. Reliability of the blower cannot be predicted due to uncertain condition. A blower that has been stored for any period of time, without having been properly protected from the environment probably has internal corrosion and possibly worn bearings and deteriorated seals. The clearance between rotary lobes is often about the same as the thickness of a sheet of paper. It takes very little corrosion to seize up a blower.
  3. Blower package has a motor and drive which is smaller than required. Renovating an old package, with a larger motor and drive is often not far off the price of a brand new package – with a brand new warranty.
  4. No warranty. Do you really want to trust the reliability of your new system to an old blower from the bone yard?
Fox Blower
Pressure Flow Range Efficiency Maintenance Investment Cost Bearing Life
Regenerative 10 psi / .7 bar 20 – 1,000 cfm Lowest None Low Good
PD | Positive
15 psi / 1 bar 40 – 4,000 cfm Average Some Moderate Good
Rotary Screw,
15 psi / 1 bar 200 – 2,600 cfm Highest Low High Excellent
Centrifugal 3 psi / .2bar 50 – 10,000 cfm Average None Low Good