Fox Air-Operated Vacuum Pick-Up Eductors

Venturi Eductors for Sucking Up Powders, Pellets and Granules from Drums, Barrels & Gaylords

Fox Vacuum Pick Up Eductor

Many conveying applications require that pellets, powders, and bulk materials are lifted up out of gaylords, barrels, or bags. In these applications, Fox Vacuum Pick-Up Eductors can be used with compressed air at 50-80 psig to lift material and transport it through 250 feet of downstream piping. This is an ideal way to empty bins and barrels without dust collectors, bag dump stations, or other receiving equipment.

Fox Pick-Up Eductors have similar dimensions to our standard line of solids handling eductors and are available in most commercially available materials.

Fox Vacuum Pick Up Eductor Diagram

Please use the performance curves below to estimate performance: Figure 3 shows solids handling capacity, Figure 4 shows motive air consumption, and Figure 5 shows the capacity factor used to translate this data to all other eductor sizes. These curves are made available to provide a very rough estimate of conveying capacity when handling well-behaved bulk solids.

Fox Vacuum Pick Up Eductor Performance