Slurry Eductors beneath Bulk Bags

Fox Powder into Water Slurry Eductors, installed under Bulk Bag Unloaders

Fox Slurry Eductors for mixing, conveying and dissolving powders with water are commonly installed beneath bulk bag unloaders. For a water treatment plant (WTP) this is a simple, dust-free way to transport filter media, GAC, sand and ion exchange resin into a filter bed or tank. Food production plants use this Fox eductors to deliver sugar, salt, grain, and micro-ingredients to mix tanks.

With a Loss-in-Weight or volumetric screw feeder on the bulk bag discharger, a Fox slurry eductor or slurry jet pump can create a continuously blended solution at the exact mixture ratio you need. Water flow rate is controlled by the eductor at a fixed supply pressure.

Fox or our local representatives can integrate your preferred bulk bag unloader with the Fox slurry eductor, inlet feed hopper, controls, on/off valves, etc to provide the solids/liquid solution you need on a continuous, rather than batch, basis.

The system shown below is currently installed at a municipal water treatment plant handling activated carbon.