Liquid-Operated Vacuum Pick-Up Eductors

Venturi Eductors for Sucking Up Powders and Solids from Drums, Barrels, Gaylords

Motive Liquids can be:
  • Water at <160° F
  • Beverages – Juice, Milk, Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine
  • Oil, Fuels, Solvents

Fox Liquid-Operated Vacuum Pick-Up Eductor

Using a Fox Liquid Vacuum Eductor is a convenient method to lift and transport pellets, powders and bulk materials, from drums, gaylords, barrels, or bags – and simultaneously mix with a liquid.

Using a motive liquid at 60 – 120 psig, the resulting solids/liquid mixture can be discharged through over 100 ft of piping to its destination.

Where solids need to be mixed with liquids, this is an ideal way to empty drums and barrels without the need for a pneumatic conveying system, a dust collector and additional solids/liquid mixing equipment.

Fox Vacuum Pick Up Slurry Eductor Diagram