Water Treatment and Water Purification Applications

Fox Liquid Eductors at Water Treatment Plants

Fox liquid/liquid venturi eductors have been installed at water treatment and processing facilities since the 1970’s, including industrial and municipal WTP’s. The applications of Fox venturies in this area include: treatment of drinking water; treatment of solutions at cooling towers and boilers; effluent and sludge treatment; and industrial process discharge. Venturi eductors are used to eliminate chemical injection pumps to inject a huge range of additives into the required liquid stream. This is especially attractive when corrosive additives are used. 

Fox venturi injector syphons can be used when additive injection flow is less than 2% of the main water flow. These designs can include multiple suction ports for the simultaneous addition of multiple additives, each additive flow rate controlled separately by valves. The main flow rate needs to remain constant. 

Fox Venturi Injector Syphon

Fox venturi products used in these applications range from standard, off-the-shelf PVC and 316 stainless eductors, to customized eductors for robust service life in rugged applications, to fully sanitary, CIP eductors with tri-clamp ends. End connections can be NPT, BSP, flanged, cam-lock, Victaulic, or whatever facilitates easy installation.

Typical applications and Additives handled include:

  • Neutralizing agents (alkalinity control) – sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH), calcium carbonate, lime suspension (Ca(OH)2)
  • Disinfectants – chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hypochlorite
  • Ion Exchange Resin Cleaners – sodium chloride, potassium chloride, citric acid, chlorine dioxide
  • Scale Inhibitors – calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, calcium silicate
  • Flocculants – cationic polymers, anionic polymers, polyampholytes
  • Purification – Potassium permanganate

Liquid / Solids Slurry Eductors for Water Treatment Plants

Some slurry applications require a washdown hopper, usually required with long downstream convey distances

Fox Slurry Eductors, or liquid and solids mixing jet pumps, are widely used to blend and transport powders, resin, flocculant (floc), filter bed media, and granulated activated carbon (GAC) at water treatment plants. Fox water driven solids conveying eductors are used to add or remove new or spent filter media bed materials like anthracite, sand, and ion exchange resins. These filter materials can be fed into slurry eductor hoppers from bags, dosed by screw feeders or augers, and fed from bulk bags or silos.

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