Vineyard, Distillery & Brewery Applications

Fox Liquid Eductors at Breweries and Vineyards

Blending, Additives, Concentrates 

Fox liquid/liquid eductors are in use at wine makers, breweries and distilleries, often requiring the use of food-grade, clean-in-place eductors – as seen in attached pdf. However, standard PVC. and industrial-grade 316 ss eductors are often used. Common applications include injection of various additives (tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, potassium sorbate, yeast nutrients), dilution of brines, and preparation of CIP cleaning solutions. Fox slurry eductors are used for adding sugar and other solids.

Fox Venturi Injector Syphon


Fox’s highly engineered ozonation venturies – with a large number of small ozone injection holes for small bubbles to produce enhanced gas/liquid interaction – are used in the beverage industry.