Semiconductor and High Purity Liquid Applications

Fox Liquid Eductors for Semicondutor Industry

Fox liquid eductors have been installed at semiconductor plants globally for more than 30 years. Different applications have demanded different materials of construction, ranging from PVC to CPVC to TFE lined. Fox can supply eductors in any machinable material.

PVC and CPVC eductors are installed at many plants, using plant water at 20 – 60 psig to suck up dilute CuSO4 and H2SO4 solutions from sumps and trenches. Custom engineered PVC eductors have been included in many OEM chip-production equipment.

TFE-Lined or Hastelloy eductors have been provided for pumping more concentrated acid solutions. Eductors below a 1” line can be all TFE or PVDF.

High Purity applications for pumping or blending liquids require the same equipment used in the food and pharma industries. These eductors, often called “sanitary,” have polished and ground internals, high internal finishes, no dead spaces, and are designed for quick CIP – Clean-in-Place.