Liquid Eductors for Dams and Lakes

Flow Rates from 300 to 3000+ GPM

Fox Liquid Eductors for Dams and Lakes

Fox has supplied numerous liquid eductors for moving large water flow rates. Because eductors over 6” line size are custom-fabricated, specific flanged end connections can be specified, and special features can be included to meet specific requirements.

Two Recent Examples

The US Army Corp of Engineers specified liquid/liquid eductors to suck up 1500 GPM from 17 ft below the eductor, using available water pressure at 80 psig. Fox supplied four custom 10” liquid eductors designed to fit in a very tight space.

Another application required a completed submerged liquid eductor, suspended approx. 15 ft below the water level with cables, with a separate water line delivering motive water at 170 psig. This eductor used a straight through design, discharging approx. 800 GPM straight up thru an 8” pipe to surface. The suction port was supplied with a screen to prevent clogging from large debris.