Hydraulic Oil and Fluid Power Applications

Fox Liquid Eductors for Hydraulic Oil

Capture of Leaks on Vehicles and OEM Equipment

Fox liquid eductors are installed on board many vehicles, including locomotives and military vehicles, to capture and return hydraulic oil leaks that spill into sumps or reservoirs. These are often small eductors. Motive fluid is the same hydraulic fluid. End connections can be SAE 45° flare fittings, 37° flare, NPT or other. Common mil-specs are:

  • MIL-H-5606
  • MIL-H-8446B

Manufacture and Blending of Hydraulic Oil Additives

Manufacturers of both lubricants and hydraulic oils add many different additives, all of which can be blended using venturi eductors. Additives include:

  • Anti-wear – helps prolong the life of equipment and machinery
  • Cold Flow – additives that enable usage in extreme cold weather conditions
  • Anti-foaming – An anti-foaming agent for hydraulic oil reduces foaming within the fluid which can be caused by detergents
  • Anti-oxidant – Allows for longer periods of use without an oil change while also reducing sludge deposits
  • Anti-rust – Forms a protective coating which reduces the risk of rust damage from oxygen contact