Coffee, Tea, and Carbonated Beverage Applications

Fox Liquid Eductors for Coffee and Tea

Fox liquid/liquid eductors are in use by many manufacturers and service providers to provide instant blending of tea and coffee concentrates. Fox venturi injector syphons can be used when additive injection flow is less than 2% of the main water flow. These designs can include multiple suction ports for the simultaneous addition of multiple ingredients, each additive flow rate controlled separately by valves. The main flow rate needs to remain constant.

Fox Venturi Injector Syphon

Fox venturi products used in these applications range from simple PVC eductors, customized stainless eductors for robust service life in rugged behind-the-bar applications, to fully sanitary, CIP eductors with tri-clamp ends.

Fox’s highly engineered ozonation venturies – with a large number of small ozone injection holes for small bubbles to produce enhanced gas/liquid interaction – are used in the beverage industry.