Injecting Waste, Alternative Fuels, and Solid Waste into Boilers, CFB’s, & Kilns with No Moving Parts With Fox Eductors

Convey Fuel

Fox Venturi Eductors have conveyed every conceivable type of BTU-containing fuel into combustion processes, including crushed and pulverized coal, coke, and dozens of various waste products like sawdust, shredded carpets, rice hulls, crushed seeds, and paper scrap.
Venturi eductors do not convey with least possible amount of conveying air, so if minimizing conveying air use is paramount, other methods must be considered. However, if reliability is a paramount concern, then Fox eductors must be looked at. Highly abrasive products such as dried sludge, soybean hulls, and other silica-rich biomass all wreak havoc with rotary airlocks and screw conveyors. All have been conveyed reliably with Fox ceramic-lined eductors. Dried sludge in particular has disintegrated a number extremely expensive dense phase and airlock conveying systems (request our published case history about the City of Los Angeles.)

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Study #23 – Coke injection into fluidized beds
Case Study #74 – Biomass waste into Cement Kilns
City of LA Case History – Dried sludge injection into cogen plant, replaces dense phase system