Injecting Back Into the Convey Line

Of course, the neatest and simplest solution is for the Fox Venting Eductor to inject the blowback + suspended solids right back in the convey line. This certainly can be done.

For these applications, plant compressed air at 50+ psig is required. This is a very expensive solution that should be considered only for small leakage flow rates.

Request Fox Case Study #32 to learn about a specific application where retrofit with a Fox RVE Eductor made a huge difference!

Avoiding Use of Compressed Air… Injecting Back Up the Silo/Hopper/Bin

The easiest place to vent blowback air and suspended solids is right back up into the silo or bin feeding the airlock, since this vessel is usually at atmospheric pressure. However, this line can be directed to any one of a number of places—a central dust collection line, the same final destination as the main convey line, or any vented vessel at 0 psig.