Injecting Alternative Fuels and Solid Waste into Cement Kilns with No Moving Parts with Fox Venturi Eductors

  • Shredded Tires
  • Shredded Carpet
  • Dried Sludge
  • Oily Rags/Cardboard
  • Soybean or Rice Hulls
  • Crushed Cotton Seeds

Cement plants today now have an ongoing requirement for the highly reliable injection of alternative fuels and/or waste into their kilns. As the economics of the cement industry evolves, fees from these waste disposal contracts can represent a significant portion of a plant´s profit picture. Moreover, as energy prices continue to rise, the BTU value of “alternative fuels” and/or waste injected into a kiln can have a meaningful impact on energy costs. Therefore, the selection and engineering of these fuel/waste injection systems for high reliability is very important. Request a copy of Fox Case Study #74 and a reprint of our recently published article in CementAmericas.