Industrial Applications of Cavitating Venturies

Equalizing Actuator Movements

Cavitating Venturies can be used to equalize movement of multiple piston actuators or hydraulic motors intended to uniformly displace a device. Each of the actuators may be subjected to different loads. Movement of all actuators will be identical, as long as the venturies are fed with the same pressure simultaneously and the actuators are sized so back pressures do not exceed recovery limits of the venturies.

Examples of actuator control in different fields of application are shown below.

This diagram depicts a platform subjected to variable, off-center loads. The position of the load may change in a random fashion. Cavitating Venturies in lines supplying hydraulic fluid to the actuators divide flow equally, maintaining uniform movement of multiple cylinders. Elaborate control and sensing provisions need not be provided.

This diagram illustrates a split-hull dump barge. In the simplified schematic shown, two actuators are located at ends of the ship. Loading on each end may differ due to cargo arrangement and buffeting. Venturies feeding fore and aft actuators assure uniform movement of each section despite differences in load.