Engineered Venturi Products for Industrial and Aerospace Applications

Eductors are highly efficient systems that use pressurized gas, liquid, or air to move material. This advanced technology uses no moving parts, making for a durable, reliable, and highly effective system used in many applications.

Fox Venturi Products is a leading provider of engineered venturi products for industrial and aerospace applications, and our line of solid conveying eductor systems, liquid eductors, mini eductors, liquid-solid slurry eductors, venturi flow controls, air, steam and gas ejectors can provide a higher level of service than conventional pumps or conveyors, without the need for maintenance or replacement parts.

Solid conveying eductor systems employ pressurized motive air to move solid materials efficiently though a system. The solid product is loaded at a ninety degree angle to the pressure source and conveyed to a discharge point. There are four different types of blowers used in association with solid conveying eductor systems; regenerative blowers which are quiet and require no maintenance, robust positive displacement or PD blowers, rotary screw blowers that run quiet within a sealed metal enclosure, and centrifugal blowers featuring a broad flow range and a high turndown.

Liquid eductors, also called jet pumps, use suction air and a motive force of liquid material to move liquid materials and act as a method to replace costly pumps. For a low cost, low maintenance solution, liquid eductors are easy to install and are widely used to convey water, seawater, or de-ionized water, hydraulic oil, gasoline, jet fuel, biodiesel, refrigerants, and beverages in food service applications.

Mini eductors are used in place of pumps for many applications and are now widely used for analyzer and instrumentation systems. A sonic choke regulates the sample row rate into the analyzer. Motive air or other types of gasses are passed through the eductor and the sample line before being reintroduced back into the stack, duct, or process gas line.

Liquid-solid slurry eductor are used for creating mixtures or dissolving powders into solution without the use of moving parts. Liquids are used as the motive force, and the solids are put into a solution as they are lowered into the eductor system.

Fox Valve has been developing and manufacturing venturi flow controls since 1961, and the expertise extends into four major categories: deltaP venturi flowmeters, cavitating venturis, sonic chokes and critical flow nozzles, and adjustable area venturi valves.

Air, steam and gas ejectors are also called eductors, venturi jets, aspirators, jet mixers, or jet pumps, and employ different types of gas, such as air, nitrogen, steam, and natural gas, to exhaust, vent, compress, or mix another gas stream. Air, steam and gas ejectors can also be used to create a moderate to deep vacuum from blowers, compressors, steam headers, cylinders/tanks, or vessels.

Discuss your system requirements with Fox Venturi products. We will provide you with off the shelf or customized engineered venturi products for industrial and aerospace applications to suit your particular application.