Avoiding CRN Requirement for Venturi Eductors and Ejectors

For Installations in Canada For Installations in Canada

Avoiding the CRN Requirement for Venturi Eductors and Ejectors

Fox Venturi Ejectors for Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Steam Applications in Fuel Cells


Evacuating or Purging Vessels, Tanks, and Pipelines: Engineered for operation in Canada to avoid CRN and enable fast shipment


Evacuating, Purging, and Exhausting Vessels, Tanks and Pipelines with Venturi Ejectors that do NOT require a CRN.

Venturi jet ejectors that use a motive gas pressure below 14 psig are exempt from CRN requirements. This enables Fox Valve to deliver quickly modified venturi gas ejectors – using air, N2, CO2, nat gas, etc. at 14 psig or below. Stock venturi components in line sizes from 1/2 to 6 inch, in carbon steel and 304 or 316 stainless, can be modified in this way. This eliminates the CRN requirement and enables venturi delivery to proceed quickly.

Limitations: Operation with motive gas at below 14 psig limits: a) the final vacuum that can be created – approx. 10 – 14.7 psia, or b) the discharge pressure that can be overcome. For exhausting, venting or purging corrosive, explosive or high-temperature gasses – this approach enables Canadian customers to acquire customized gas jet ejectors that can ship, in many cases, in 1 – 2 weeks.